Haramain Train

A new electric railway is provided for passengers by the Haramain Express Train Project.

About the Haramain Train

Using state-of-the-art technology, the 450 km long and 300 km/h train aims to provide a fast, convenient, reliable, and safe way to travel between Saudi Arabian cities.

​Construction on the Haramain Railway project began in March 2009. It opened to the public on 11 October 2018. 60 million passengers are expected to use the railway each year.

On each Haramain High-Speed Railway train, there are 113 business class seats, including two reserved for people with disabilities. There are many special services provided in the business class, including very comfortable and spacious seats with foldable armrests and tables, a headrest, a power plug, and a video screen, all of which are provided with the highest level of luxury and comfort.

Located on the fifth coach of each train, the cafeteria serves food as soon as passengers board. On board HHR trains, customers must dress according to KSA tradition.

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Traveling by Haramain High Speed Railway

A new journey awaits you. How should you choose your mode of transportation? Would you prefer to fly, take a train, or drive a car? It's your choice. But isn't the train a better option? In addition to being more eco-friendly, it also gives you a chance to explore your surroundings while traveling. Another perk of train travel? Air-conditioned carriages on Haramain trains provide cool rides for hot country travelers. A café and prayer area are also available on board all trains. Do you want to share your journey on social media or respond to an email? No problem at all. A Wi-Fi connection is available on the train and in the stations' waiting lounges. Also, if you want the best view, book a seat near a window. ​So enjoy stunning views of rippling dunes and sand flats as you roll across the country.

What to Know About Haramain Train