Medina to Jeddah Airport Train

Say goodbye to expensive, time-consuming car rentals or taking several flights - the Jeddah Airport to Medina train is your most convenient and hassle-free way to connect these two cities. Equipped with the latest features and technology, enjoy the journey of a lifetime.
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Train from Medina to Jeddah Airport

315 km
Travel time

Travel time

1h 48 m - 1 h 54 m

Trains per day

Trains per day


Come aboard and be transported to your destination in a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride with the Medina to Jeddah Airport train! Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the Medina to Jeddah Airport train will provide you with comfort, ease, and efficiency during your travels. Let the experienced staff, impressive amenities, and luxurious seats transform your travel experience.

Among the onboard amenities, you'll find free Wi-Fi, spacious seats, attentive staff, and delicious meals. Moreover, traveling by a high-speed Haramain train lets you explore Saudi Arabia without breaking a budget - the ticket price starts from 39$, depending on the train class you choose.

Moreover, when traveling by train you care about the environment - in comparison to the plane, the train releases 96% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Therefore, by choosing a train trip, you also choose nature protection. So let the Medina - Jeddah Airport train transport you, your family, and your friends. Book your ticket now for the most comfortable and enjoyable ride from Medina to Jeddah Airport!
  • Train on the route:
    Only one type of train operates on this route - Haramain high-speed train reaching a max speed of 300km/h
  • Average ticket price:
    ​Train ticket prices start at 39 USD. The price depends on how in advance you reserve your ticket and if there are any local celebrations taking place
  • Where to purchase tickets:
    ​You can purchase tickets via global train ticket reservation system Rail.Ninja
  • Important to know:
    ​You must adhere to the traditions of KSA and dress appropriately for your journey

Train Information for Medina to Jeddah Airport

The following information about train stations will help you plan your journey smoothly from Medina to Jeddah Airport

Medina Station

Al Hadra, 42368, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Airport Station

Terminal 1, 23631, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

What to Know About Medina - Jeddah Airport Train

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